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2021 Minister's Report AGM, 21st March, 2021

2021 Minister's Report for Denham Court Anglican Church

Annual General Meeting, 21st March 2021

Do you ever wonder where the idea of the number seven being lucky came from? More likely than not, the idea of good luck associated with seven comes from the use of the number seven in the Bible. There were seven days in creation, seven deacons chosen by the early church in Acts 6, and in the book of Revelation, seven churches, seven angels, seven stars, seven seals seven lampstands, seven trumpets, seven plagues, seven bowls of wrath, and seven hills and kings.

I was thinking about the number seven and realised a number of things in connection with my ministry in the past year are associated with the number seven.

I came to the church with seven years to serve till my retirement in late 2027 when I will turn sixty seven.

I was here at the church for seven weeks before lockdown commenced.

Seven people from our church went to glory in the second half of 2019 and the first half of 2020.

We have done seven improvements to our site in the past year:

  1. New air conditioners in the chapel

  2. New coffee machine in kitchen

  3. New fence at front and side 0' property

  4. New verandah extension

  5. New signs on Denham Court Road

  6. New Computer in hall

  7. New Computer in chapel

We have seen seven areas of change growth in the ministry in our church, for which we give praise to God:

  1. Change of earlier service time to 8am and using the chapel every week

  2. Growing the morning Bible studies from one to two

  3. Restarting the Sunday School and having an all age talk at the 10am service

  4. Having a number of new families and individuals join our church

  5. A substantial increase financial giving

  6. Revamping our website

  7. Commencement of outreach craft group With a number of non-church people attending

So I have the number seven to illustrate some Of the things that have happened in our church the past year. When I came to the church last year. I shared with people that I have seven years till retire and asked them to think about where they would like to see Denham Court Anglican church in seven years time The common idea is that people would like to see the church as viable. This would involve the church having more people attend and the congregation made up of people across all age groups. Denham Court Anglican Church has been in existence for 183 years since 1838 and we want the church to continue in the future. There are a number of new housing developments around Denham Court which has resulted in thousands of new residents who now live close to our church. This provides a great opportunity for us.

I shared with the Wardens then parish Council in recent weeks that I believe that 2020 was a year of consolidation and Covid 19. We can also give thanks to God that we have grown as a church in terms of numbers of people attending. Last Sunday we had Over 60 people attend our two church services. (26 at Bam. and 37 at I0am),

In the past year wo have had sermon series on:

  • Colossians — focusing on the supremacy of Jesus

  • Psalms of comfort during the Covid lockdown

  • I AM sayings in John's gospel

  • Ezra and Nehemiah with the theme of "we are back but it is not the same'

  • Ephesians — loaming about the privileges and responsibilities of being part of God's church

  • Luke 2 to 6 focusing on the life teaching of Jesus

I have done most Of the preaching but I have the ministry of others who preach. Thanks to Eddy Fracarossi. Marge Mill and Sam Mills for providing us with edifying. creative and challenging sermons over the past year. We have also appreciated our guest preachers Jackie Stoneman and Graeme Sedorenko from CMS.

In our Bible Study groups have sometimes done studies linked to Our Sermon series. We have also used the video courses "Life of Jesus" and "For Love Of God: the Church is better and worse than you could ever imagine. "

In the coming year I would like to encourage us to focus on evangelism and growth. Let us try and work out more ways that we can impact the local communities with the good news of Jesus. Parish Council has begun to think about this and started to come up with ideas. I would welcome input from other people. Last year Our craft group from a suggestion by Margaret Rolph then Merilyn gates and Marge Mills got involved in developing this group. Can I encourage more people to talk with me if you have an idea that will enhance our evangelistic activities in our church.

Thanks to everyone who makes a contribution to helping our church function. Thanks to those

who are in our two Sunday Services. Thanks to people who preach, lead church services, play music and sing. read the Bible, lead prayers, run the sound systems, teach Sunday school, present all age talks. welcome people and help with morning tea.

Thanks to those who do other unseen work during the week. Cleaning our two buildings, helping at our clean up days, doing work on our site at other times. is great to have so many people involved in serving in this way.

Thanks to our church wardens, Neil Robinson. Martin Yeomans and Andy Mills The wardens and I have met on a fortnightly basis and been able to make decisions about property and financial matters Neil, Martin and Andy have all given a lot of time to church matters over the past year and I thank them for their friendship, encouragement and support.

The three wardens and are also part of Parish Council would also like to thank the other members of Parish Council. Merilyn Bates, Julie-Ann Cowan. Eddy Fracarossi, Athol Robins and Lisa Wood for their contribution to our Church past year.

My wife Marge is an ordained Anglican Minister who teaches Church History and Old and New Testament with Mary Andrews College. We went through Moore College together and she is a wonderful partner in ministry. She has been involved in developing the church Facebook page, preaching, leading church services, organising our all age talks and music at the 10am service. She also has played music and sung at our church services. In addition to all these things, she makes many contributions to our church through discussing church matters with me and coming up with great ideas. She is a wonderful supporter and encourager of my ministry.

I also value the contributions of our daughter Lucy. She has run the Sunday School, done very creative all age talks, played the cello, piano and ukulele and sung at church services. Her dog Bunter often enthusiastically greets people as they come onto our site. Our son Sam and his wife Sarah, who are involved in their own church, have also helped with our music and all age talks about once a month.

I give thanks to God for the opportunity to serve as your minister over the past 14 months. I look forward to what he will do through us in the coming year.

Grace and Peace

Richard Mills

Newsletter - January 2021

Denham Court Anglican Church January Newsletter

Minister: Richard Mills 0407 661 429 rmdcanglican@gmail.com

Sunday Services: 8am in the Chapel and 10am in the Hall

17th January Ephesian 6:1-9 Speaker: Margery Mills

24th January Ephesian 6:10-24 Speaker: Samuel Mills

31st January Psalm 8 Speaker: Richard Mills

Bible Study Groups

For February and March on Mondays and Tuesdays, 10am to 12 noon,
commencing 1st and 2nd February.

We will be running the course called:

For the Love of God:
How the church is better and worse than you ever imagined.

The purpose of this documentary, and this short course, is to explore the failures and achievements of the Christian church through its history, so that viewers can make up their own minds about the ongoing significance of Christianity's beliefs, ethics, and community. Never far from the surface in this course is the question: How faithful has the church been to its founder and his message?

The documentary was filmed all over the world and includes many short interviews with scholars. It is designed for believers and sceptics alike, the course presents selected scenes from the documentary, explores key biblical texts, and examines the original form of the Christian faith, allowing participants to assess the global impact of Christianity and rightly judge the mixed actions of the church through history.

The course goes for eight weeks.

The Study guide costs $10 - You can buy them from Richard Mills.

For more details please talk with Richard Mills.

Defibrillator Training, Next Sunday 24th January.

Lee Wood will be running a short (15 minute) training session in how to use the church portable Defibrillator (which is kept in the hall). The training will be held, after each service. It will be great to have as many people as possible familiar with this life saving device, just in case it needs to be used in the future.

Prayer Meeting

Fridays 9:30am Recommencing this Friday 22nd January.

Working Bee

Saturday 30th January, 9am to 12 noon.

Who We Are

Simply, we’re people who are committed to Jesus, to each other and to our community.

God has gathered us into His family by sending Jesus to live and die for us. In response we are whole-heartedly committed to trusting Jesus and serving Him with our lives. We seek to share God’s message that He wants everyone to trust in Jesus & join His family.

Our mission:

“God’s church at Denham Court exists to glorify him

as it faithfully serves him, testifying, both at ‘church’ and in the world,

in its words and life, to the love of God for all people in Christ

and inviting them to share in His blessings and mission.“

We want to do whatever we can – locally, nationally and globally – to see God’s kingdom grow.

We’d love you to come and join us!

If you have questions about the Christian faith, email the minister, Richard, by clicking here.

Jesus Christ and Him crucified ...