Telling Others About Jesus

This church is involved in God’s mission of proclaiming the news about Jesus and calling people into His family. We’re involved locally, nationally and internationally.

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Around the Macarthur region, ANGLICARE provides support to those in need. They provide care for all people by addressing emotional, social and physical needs and by bringing the gospel message of Jesus that alone meets our spiritual needs. This is done in response to the love God has lavished on us through Jesus Christ.


Nick & Kysha Davies in Peru

Cambodia - RICE4Life

Under the leadership of Martin Yeomans, RICE4Life has been supporting a school in the village of Khvein, a northern Cambodian village just outside of Angkor Watt, the ancient ruined Khmer city in central Cambodia.

If you have questions about the Christian faith, email the minister, Richard, by clicking here.

Jesus Christ and Him crucified ...