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Bible Talks

Each week we gather to hear from God’s word, the bible, so that we might know God better and learn how He wants us to live.  Our bible talks seek to explain a bible passage in a way that everyone can understand.

Feel free to download our talks.  Most talks are between 4-6MB.

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Last Series John 19

Last Series Judges Apr21-May21

Last Series 'Luke' Feb21-Mar21

  1. Luke 4:  31-44 The Authority of Jesus Richard Mills 21Feb

Psalm 8: Praising God Richard Mills 31Jan

Last Series 'Ephesians' Dec20-Jan21

Last Series 'Ephesians' Oct-Dec

Last Series 'Ezra & Nehemiah' Aug-Oct 

Previous  "I am ..."  Jun - Jul

Broadcast while no church services allowed Richard Mills 16May

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