Baptism (Christening) Services

We welcome the opportunity to assist you by providing a rewarding and significant service for your child.

How do I book in for a Baptism?

Phone the Minister, Richard Mills, on 0407 661 429 to arrange the baptism. We will then set the date for the baptism. Richard will also arrange a time to visit you to talk about the baptism.

In the week before the baptism, Richard will again visit you, and go through the service with you.

We produce orders of service with a coloured photo of your child on the front. The easiest way to this is If you can email a photo (in a jpeg file) to Richard (We can also scan in a photo).

Also you will need to supply the following details which can be included in the email, or you can simply give them to Richard. when you meet with him.

  • Full name of the child

  • Names, address and occupations of the parents

  • Names of the godparents

When do we conduct the services ?

We usually conduct baptisms on Saturday mornings (usually at 11am) in our heritage church building.

We also conduct them at our Sunday morning services 10am (service held in our hall). Baptisms at these Sunday morning services are usually for children of families who regularly attend our church. The baptism is part of our normal Sunday service and the service usually lasts between an hour and a quarter and an hour and half.

The Saturday morning baptism services are much shorter (20 to 30 minutes) and the whole focus of the service is the Baptism. Usually we baptise one child or children from just one family.

Obligations expected of families

Baptism is a welcome to the church so we would like you to get to know what our church is like. We therefore encourage people to agree to attend church at least three times before the Baptism. The best service for young families to attend is the 10am Sunday service held in the hall.

Our 10am Family Service

This is a family service with an “all age talk” especially aimed at children. Children go out to SundayKids (for children aged 3 to 12) about half way through the service. Adults are then able to listen to the sermon while the children have their own teaching programs.

What are the questions you will have to answer at the service?

There are three questions that the Parents and Godparents have to answer with a ‘yes’. It is important that Parents and Godparents are familiar with these before the service. Richard will go through the questions with you, the parents, and it is up to you to tell the Godparents these questions. Godparents are welcome to be present when Richard visits you but this is not essential.

The questions are:

  • Are you committed to the Christian faith?

  • Are you a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of his church, sincerely believing the promises of God?

  • Are you willing to accept responsibility to teach your child to trust and live by this faith?

Is there any cost?

No payment is expected because we do not want anyone to miss out. But you are most welcome to make a donation to our church’s financial needs. You can do this at the service.

What about future involvement in the church?

Our aim is to work with you to provide a significant Baptism service and to help you be properly prepared for the event. In the service, you are promising to accept responsibility to teach your child the Christian faith. At our church we seek to learn about God and the Christian faith together, and we would like to help you in teaching your child. You and your family are always welcome at our Sunday church services.

Any other questions, please contact us.

If you have questions about the Christian faith, email the minister, Richard, by clicking here.

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